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There simply is no application out there that does what we do.  We are not a temp agency, we are not Craigslist and we are not Facebook. Actual restaurant workers and owners have worked closely with our development team to produce an app they they use themselves!

Easy Restaurant Gig Finder

It’s easy to find gig restaurant work! Just enter your location and put in a maximum search range in miles. All available jobs via Serve-IQ become available.

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You’re more than a pretty face. Our profile builder lets you enter your skills, work history, pictures, preferences, and much much more!


Our app works on iOS and Android. Additionally we have a web-based administration site that works on any browser!

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“…I am so looking forward to using Serve-IQ! Getting paid in 24 hours sounds amazing…”


“…being able to work when I want, where I want is so liberating! I’m looking forward to “forking” people, lol…”


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At Serve-IQ we want to hear from you. With some apps you get only what they give you. With Serve-IQ we listen to our users and make their suggestions a reality.