Server Benefits

Server Benefits

3 Reasons to Join Today

Early adopters of the app will help restaurants find staffing quickly.

NO Membership Fees for Servers

Sign up today at no cost and start find job opportunities immediately.

Early Access to Staff

Early adopters will float to the top of our job availability list.

Feature Input

Provide input to our development team and try new features before others.

Features for Owners

Find experienced workers and those actively looking for work.


Billing is done automatically, as we take care of paying the workers directly.

Staff Locator

Workers looking for restaurant gig work will reach out to you via our free mobile app.

Easy Job Posting

It’s better than Craigslist, more efficient than FB, quicker than Indeed. and won’t clutter your restaurant window .

How it Works

Three easy steps to finding your temporary staff.

Create Account

Create an account, login and create a profile


Post Your Jobs

Enter the job description, enter a rate and click post.


Review and Hire

Potential staff will show up under the jobs, just click on them and wait for them to arrive.


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